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Static Motor Analyser

Static Motor Analyser

Megger Baker AWA-IV

Baker AWA-IV Static Motor Analyser




  • Range includes 2 kV, 4 kV, 6 kV and 12 kV models
  • Testing capabilities include: surge, winding resistance, Megohm, PI, DA, continuous ramp DC step-voltage, and DC hipot tests
  • 12 kV HO (high-output) version for performing surge tests on large motors and generators
  • Compatible with Baker PPX Power Packs to extend insulation testing voltage range (6 kV, 12 kV and 12 kV HO versions only)
  • IEEE- and IEC-compliant surge test
  • Surge waveform comparison by the patented Pulse to Pulse Error Area Ratio (PP-EAR) technique
  • Incorporates advanced inter-turn assessment capabilities in a field portable instrument
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded operating system
  • USB port for data transfer and printing with Windows 7 plug-and-play printers


Download Datasheet

Megger Baker AWA-IV

Megger Baker AWA-IV_data sheet

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