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Extech 382270

Extech Instruments

Quad Output DC Power Supply

4-in-1 DC Power Supply

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382270 is a Quad Output DC Power Supply has two 0 to 30V/0 to 5A outputs plus two fixed auxiliary outputs of 3 to 6.5V/3A and 15V/1A. The two 30V outputs can be combined in parallel for 10A or in series for 60V. Comes complete with 4 pairs of test leads (banana plug to alligator clip) and an AC cord.


Key features

  • Two fully adjustable supplies combined with two auxiliary outputs
  • Two 0 to 30V/0 to 5A outputs with selectable Constant Voltage and Constant Current modes
  • Two auxiliary outputs with fixed current of 3 to 6.5V/3A and 8 to 15V/1A


Specifications Range
Output Voltage (4) 0 to 30V, 0 to 30V, 3 to 6.5V,8 to 15V
Output Current (4) 0 to 5A, 0 to 5A, 3A (fixed), 1A (fixed)
Load Voltage Regulation 0.5mV ±3mV
Line Voltage Regulation 0.1mV ±3mV
Load Current Regulation 2mA ±5mA
Line Current Regulation 2mA ±3mA
Ripple and Noise <0.5mVrms
Power 110 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz (Switchable)
Dimensions 10.2 x 6.3 x 14.5" (260 x 160 x 370mm)
Weight 26.5lbs (12kg)

Technical data

Technical data

Datasheet [Click Here To Download

User's Manual [Click Here To Download