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Martindale EZ2500

Martindale Electric

Non Trip Earth Loop Tester

The EZ2500 non-trip earth loop impedance tester provides safe, switch-free operation for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The simple auto test sequence makes it ideal for both 18th Edition testing and applications where confirmation of safe earth loop impedance values are needed prior to installation of equipment and maintenance. The auto test sequence means there is no need to worry about selecting the right type of loop test to avoid RCD tripping, it’s all done for you.

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The EZ2500 performs non-trip P-E and P-N loop impedance tests, PFC and PSC checks and lists all of the results on the clear backlit LCD display. A voltage check and confirmation of correct wiring are also performed.

The tester is supplied with a 13A plug mains lead for testing at 13A socket outlets but an additional 3 wire test lead can be purchased (TL88) for testing at light fittings and fused connection units.

A soft carry case (TC210) and comprehensive manual are also included.

The EZ2500 can be used as a ‘professional socket tester’ as described by the Health & Safety Executive’.



Nominal voltage rating 220-240V AC
Voltage range for wiring error detection 30-275V
Open loop indication If open PE or PN Loop is detected, no Impedance Measurement takes place
Measurement range for impedance 198-264V, 50Hz
PE loop impedance ranges 0-8.99Ω, 9.0-89.9Ω, 90-899Ω, 900-1699Ω, 1700-3000Ω
PE loop impedance accuracy 0-8.99Ω ± 4% ± 0.05Ω*9.0-89.9Ω ± 5% ± 0.5Ω*90-899Ω ± 5% ± 5Ω*900-1699Ω ± 5% ± 30Ω*1700-3000Ω indicative
PFC & PSC test
PN loop impedance ranges 0-8.99Ω, 9.0-89.9Ω, 90-899Ω, 900-1699Ω, 1700-3000Ω
PN loop impedance accuracy 0-8.99Ω ± 4% ± 0.05Ω*9.0-89.9Ω ± 5% ± 0.5Ω*90-899Ω, ± 5% ± 5Ω*900-1699Ω ± 5% ± 30Ω*1700-3000Ω indicative
Frequency accuracy ± 4 %
Voltage accuracy ± 4%
Temperature range -10° to 40° C at max 80 % Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)
Supply from mains
Power consumption <1.6W
Pollution degree 2
Complies with BS EN 61010-1, BS EN 61557 & BS 7671
Weight 240g approx.
Dimensions 145 x 85 x 53mm
Includes TC210 carry case, mains lead and manual
*Note Measurement accuracy can be affected by noise and highly inductive or capacitive components distributed on the supply

Key features

  • Non-trip and high current loop test
  • PFC & PSC test
  • Voltage and full socket wiring test
  • Smart and easy automatic testing
  • No batteries, ranges or switches
  • All results displayed together
  • HSE ‘professional socket tester’

Technical data

Technical data

Datasheet [Click Here To Download