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Extech RD200

Extech Instruments

Refrigerant Leak Detector

Detect Leaks from Air-Conditioning Units and Cooling Systems

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Extech's Refrigerant Leak Detector is easy to use and is ideal for detecting leaks from air-conditioning units and cooling systems that use all standard refrigerants. The multi-colored LED light bar indicates the level of refrigerant detected by the RD200. Features a field replaceable heated diode sensor and Low/High sensitivity range selection for accurate leak detection. The 16" (406mm) flexible gooseneck provides easy access in difficult to reach locations.

Key features

  • Detects all standard refrigerants using a heated diode sensor (SF6, HFC, CFC, HCFC refrigerants, halogen gas, ethylene, tetrafluoroethylene, trichloroethylene, and most other compounds containing halogen)
  • User-selectable sensitivity level:

Low - 1.05oz (30g) per year
High - 0.2oz (6g) per year
Multi-colored LED light bar indicates the level of refrigerant leakage detected

  • 19.8" (50.2cm) flexible gooseneck retains its shape and provides easy access in difficult to reach locations
  • Audible and Visual alert
  • Low battery indicator
  • Convenient field replaceable sensor (RD200-S)
  • Leak Test Bottle included for a quick and easy self test on meter performance
  • Dimensions:

Meter - 7.3x2.8x1.4" (185x72x35mm)
Sensor with Gooseneck - 20.5" (520mm) long
Probe Diameter - 0.32" (8mm)
Weight: 12oz (340g)

  • Complete with sensor (installed), leak test bottle, 9V battery, and protective hard carrying case

Technical data

Datasheet [Click Here To Download]

User's Manual [Click Here To Download]