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Martindale VT28PD-S

Martindale Electric

Voltage Tester & Proving Unit Kit

Similar to the VT25PD-S, the VT28PD-S Voltage Indicator and Proving Unit is packed with useful diagnostic test features with the added benefit of an LCD to show a specific voltage as well as the voltage level.

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The kit fully meets the requirements of GS38 and Proving Dead procedures.

The tips of the probes on the VT28 are shrouded to meet GS38 standards and can be removed temporarily for access to deep or difficult to reach test points.

The tester can measure voltages between 12v and 690v and voltage levels are indicated by bright LED’s. The continuity Test (with buzzer) function makes the VT28 very useful in many diagnostic applications too.

It can perform a Single Pole Phase Test, however, two-pole voltage indication should always be the preferred method for proving dead.

The Phase Rotation test feature allows Phase to Phase voltage measurement and Phase Rotation is indicated on the unit via the “L” or “R” LED’s.

As with all 2-pole Voltage Indicators, the VT28 should be proved before and after use. The PD690S which is housed in the tailor-made carry case incorporates access holes, in the transparent panel, to the test points on the proving unit. A shoulder strap on the carry case offers convenience and protection when not in use.

Key features

  • GS38 Compliant
  • Measures 12-690V
  • LCD
  • Audible Continuity and Phase Rotation Test
  • Heavy denier carry case

Technical data

Datasheet [Click Here To Download